Friday, April 16, 2010

News Round-Up

This was a busy week in the world of wine, so rather than focus on just one topic or story in particular, I thought it would be useful to offer up a handful of links that are worth taking a look at over the weekend...preferably, as always, with a nice glass of wine in hand.

In Wednesday’s New York Times Food Section, Eric Asimov extolled the beauty--and gulpability--of the 2008 Riesling Kabinetts from Germany’s Mosel. The link is here. Read about them, then pick up a bottle, find a porch somewhere, and revel in the summer-like temperatures.

A few days earlier, the Wall Street Journal ran a brief piece on serving temp, something that, as the writer points out, is especially important this time of year. It’s a solid refresher on how to make the most of your wine. The article is linked up right here.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for something a bit denser, take a look at Mike Steinberger’s column in Slate this past week. I don’t know that I agree with his argument or not--and I wouldn’t say so either way here!--but it’s a fascinating read. Sip a Burgundy and a Bordeaux while working your way through it and deciding where you stand.


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