Monday, December 27, 2010

To Pop or Not to Pop That Cork...

With the holidays here, and all the pressure to pop the best corks in your cellar for everyone who stops by to say hello, Matt Kramer has written a fantastic piece on Wine Spectator's web site on which guests you should or shouldn’t open which wines for. I’ll avoid saying whether I agree with him or not (call it political expediency), but it’s well worth a read.

As Kramer says: “I care a great deal about who gets served a certain wine. I realize that this makes [me] less than a generous, all-embracing soul. And in my defense, it's got nothing to do with money. Instead, it's got to do with my conviction that there's no sense squandering a great wine—or even a carefully cellared minor jewel—on somebody who could care less about what's put in front of them. Never mind congenial food. The real art of ‘pairing’ lies in the right wines for the right guests.

“Nobody likes to mention this sort of thing because it makes you seem snobbish or even churlish. Yet I know I'm not alone in these dark, semi-unsociable feelings.”

Tough? Absolutely. Justified? Difficult call. Read his argument for yourself, as well as the comments that follow.

[Note: The photo above is from The Wall Street Journal.]


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