Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Afternoon at Champagne Jacquesson

We’ve been visiting a wide range of producers the past several days, from grands maisons like Pommery to smaller—but also stellar—grower-producers like Larmandier Bernier.

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon and evening at Champagne Jacquesson, whose philosophy is very different when it comes to their non-vintage bottlings: Rather than have a “house style,” they instead rely on the most recent vintage as the backbone of their newest release, each of which is given a number and built to reflect the best possible fruit that they have above all else. (We tasted Cuvee No. 732, for example, which is built on the 2004 vintage, and the Cuvee No. 733, which relies heavily on the 2005. And their vintage 2000 bottling is an absolute stunner.) They also do a number of single-vineyard bottlings, which were all excellent. I’ll post tasting notes here in the coming weeks.

Before the tasting and dinner, though, proprietor Jean-Hervé Chiquet showed us around the property, and, as has been the case everywhere this week, the grapes were coming in and being crushed. Check out the videos below for a look.


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