Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Austrian Pinot Noirs Shine in Singapore Tasting

As readers of this blog know, I’m a huge fan of the wines of Austria. From crisp whites to sweet, and from everyday reds to far more profound ones, Austria is a country whose wine industry is as exciting, diverse, and promising as any right now.

And these days, it seems as if wine lovers all over the world are discovering exactly how much these wines have to offer. From the victory of Austrian sweet wines at the Concorso internazionale di vini passiti in Italy, an international sweet-wine competition in which 9 of the top 10 wines were Austrian, to the ever-higher scores the wines receive in wine publications everywhere, word is spreading that these are wines to be reckoned with.

Now comes an award that’s nothing short of stunning. According to the press release I received yesterday from the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, “Austrian Pinot Noirs showed their impressive top class status at an international blind tasting held in Singapore on August 4th. The tasting...comprised a total of 34 international wines from the vintages 2001-2008. Of these wines, 12 Austrian Pinot Noirs placed amongst the top 20! And the competition was tough: the Austrians successfully triumphed not only over many familiar names from Burgundy, but also over wines from the New World...”

It went on to quote Willi Klinger, Managing Director of the AWMB, as saying, “For a long time, we were known around the world for our white wines only, but now we are more and more being associated with our world-class red wines as well."

Buy these wines and drink them: They’re absolutely fantastic.


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