Monday, October 18, 2010

Buenos Aires

After flying through the remnants of a Nor’Easter from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., and the on to an additional 10-plus hours to Buenos Aires, I was welcomed to Argentina with two of the best meals of the year, one at the thoroughly creative Chila restaurant with Alberto Arizu, president of Wines of Argentina and Export Director for the excellent Luigi Bosca wines, and another solely with my traveling companions, Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing Mulligan, at Tomo1, the avant-garde powerhouse that seems to be generating the most buzz in BA.

Indeed, for all the respect for tradition and history that this city possesses in such abundance, these meals demonstrated that something exciting and new is going on here, a forward-thinking, ground-up re-imagining of the food that combines everything from local favorites to Asian spicing and French cooking techniques to the kind of chef-driven excitement and innovation that marks a truly important global dining scene.

It’s impossible to discuss everything that I did in Buenos Aires right now, from wandering into a parade of Andean tribes marching through the city, to visiting Eva Peron’s tomb, to enjoying a Broadway-style tango show in the hotel we stayed in, to a 17-bottle tasting of the bright, structured wines from the north of the country that are custom-made for pairing with food.

Next week, I’ll post video to provide an idea of what Buenos Aires feels like these days. In the meantime, I’ll continue to compile tasting notes, photos, video, and more to share right here in the days and weeks ahead. As for right now, I’m in Patagonia, and off to a day of tasting the wines of this far-removed part of the country. Look for details right here tomorrow.


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