Friday, March 4, 2011

Tales and Tails of Kangaroos

The following quote, taken completely out of context, seems to have nothing to do with wine. And yet at stake is a fortune--literally--in wine sales. Here it is:

“Dozens of species of marsupials live in Australia...”

The obvious question, then, is this: Why should we care?

Because for the last couple of weeks, the wine world has been in a tizzy about a huge lawsuit unfolding right now. According to The Wall Street Journal, “The producer of Yellow Tail, the nation's best-selling imported wine, is suing the maker of Little Roo for trademark infringement. At issue: whether the kangaroo on Little Roo's label is a knockoff of the wallaby on Yellow Tail's.”

This has potentially huge implications for the so called critter-label wines that so many consumers are so enamored of. The entire story is linked up right here. I’d also recommend taking a look here, at the Journal’s interactive label-matching game. Fun, and kind of upsetting at the same time.


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