Thursday, January 14, 2010

Newton "Unfiltered" Merlot 2002

Still almost defiantly dark, even nearly seven and a half years after the fruit was harvested, the only indication of this wine’s age, at least as far as the color is concerned, comes at the edges of the liquid, where hints of brick come into play.

The nose starts off juicy, but quickly turns toward moist red clay, loam, and tobacco, with hints of blackberry and a flutter of licorice hovering somewhere in the background. On the palate, this seductive, perfectly structured Merlot coats the mouth with a velvet texture that still retains its sense of freshness. Cinnamon spice and cigar tobacco add depth, and flashes of burst blackberry snap at the back sides of the tongue. The finish lingers on, perfectly balanced and fresh in the beginning and then growing darker, into more of a compote-like expression, as it fades.

This wine is at its peak right now, and absolutely irresistible.


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