Friday, July 16, 2010

Spectator Shakeup

Big news from the world of wine magazines: James Suckling, the highly regarded critic who covered Bordeaux, Italy, and Portugal for Wine Spectator, is no longer with the publication. In an announcement made yesterday, the Spectator noted that "James Suckling, who joined Wine Spectator in 1981 and has served as European bureau chief since 1988, has retired from the company...Suckling’s tasting responsibilities have been reassigned. The wines will be reviewed in our standard blind-tastings in the company’s New York office.”

Today, as more details have begun to dribble out, reports that Suckling will continue to taste wine on his own, travel the wine world, and work on other projects, including speaking engagements and, possibly, wine-making.

This is a big shake-up at the Wine Spectator, which has, in recent years, found itself working hard to try to stay as relevant as it always has been in an ever-shifting wine-journalism world. Its impact will take quite a while to be fully felt and assessed. We’ll post more details here as they become available.


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