Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Reading

With the cold weather starting to clamp down on much of the country, we finally seem to be entering the season for serious wine drinking. Not that you need an excuse to pop the cork on something great any time of year, of course--it's just that, in the heat of summer, I'd often rather have a crisp, refreshing Vinho Verde, for example, than a more demanding glassful.

That having been said, this is also the time of year to bone up on your wine knowledge. After all, it's far too easy to fall into the typical rut of drinking the same stuff over and over again, reading the latest vintage reports in the Wine Spectator or Wine Advocate, and failing to really delve deeper into the world of wine in its broadest sense.

I'm in the middle of reading several review copies of wine, cocktail, and cook books I've received from various publishers recently, and will report on them here in the coming weeks. But for now, click here for two very different wine books that Wall Street Journal wine columnist Jay McInerney recommends. They'll be a very good start to a holiday season of reading.


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