Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Really Old Wine

There are countless things I love about my career in wine...and the juice is just one of them. No matter how you look at it, delving beneath the surface of the world of wine involves learning about other cultures, geography, geology, foreign languages, travel, food--everything. It also involves history: Wine, after all, has been an integral part of our species' experience for millennia.

In today's New York Times (and in a press release I received last night from UCLA and the National Geographic Society), there is a fantastic report of scientists having found "the oldest known winemaking operation, about 6,100 years old, complete with a vat for fermenting, a press, storage jars, a clay bowl and a drinking cup made from an animal horn," the Times reported today. "Grape seeds, dried pressed grapes, stems, shriveled grapevines and residue were also found, and chemical analyses indicate red wine was produced there."

Read the entire article by clicking here, and then, just for irony's sake, pop the cork on that last remaining bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau you have lying around...

[Note: The photo above is copied from The Los Angeles Times.]


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