Friday, January 21, 2011

Time Travel with Wine

Few things in this world give us as direct a connection to the past as wine. Think about it: Drinking a bottle from your birth year, for example, is a literal way to go back in time to your first moments of life.

Now, Taylor Fladgate, the renowned Port house, is presenting a time capsule of a different sort: They have been selling 1,200 bottles of Port that were aged in cask for 150 years.

Taylor Scion is the name of the port that's been maturing since 1855, which makes the wine older than a mid nineteenth century wine blight named phylloxera that almost ended the European wine industry,” reported It also means that it’s been aging since the year of the famous Bordeaux Classification of 1855.

“The company,” Luxist continued, “bought the wine in cask back then, and it was scheduled for tawny blending with 30 or 40 year-old wines, but somehow it got left in the cellar...About the decision to release the wine today, Adrian Bridge, CEO of the Fladgate Partnership, the owners of Taylor, alluded to it being a shame to blend something so special as this old wine.”

We couldn’t agree more. I’ll take two for my birthday next month.


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