Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Healthy? Not Really. But You Can't Argue with Deliciousness...

More often than not, my dinner choices are determined by what wines I’ve tasted that day (assuming I’m not visiting a restaurant or teaching a wine class). Last night was no different.

I spent the entire day operating under the (perhaps foolish) assumption that I would be eating healthy for dinner. I had gazpacho in mind, perhaps some homemade guacamole—that sort of light fare.

But then I tasted the Termes 2006, and all of my healthy-living plans went out the window. As I noted on my tasting video yesterday, the wine screamed out for something grilled, something barbecued. So as soon as I finished posting the video, I hopped in the car, drove to my favorite bar, and ordered their baby back rib special.

The pairing was perfect: The charred bits of meat brought out the smokiness in the wine, the sweet – spicy barbecue sauce interacted beautifully with the wine’s rich, chewy fruit, and the tannic structure of the Termes stood up to the hearty meal with no problem at all.

So perhaps, as the cliché goes, my best laid plans were laid to waste. But the reality of the evening was too darn tasty to argue with.

And tonight? Leftovers!


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