Friday, November 27, 2009

Cognac and the Holidays

I ate too much yesterday, as I do every Thanksgiving. At this stage of my life, of course, I should know better, but logic doesn’t usually factor into my holiday eating routine. Rather, I tend to be guided by a more primal impulse that goes something like this: The food looks good so I think I’ll eat it all.

It’ll be like this through brunch on New Years Day, after which I’ll revert--like most people--to a healthier, more logical dining philosophy. In the meantime, there is one important step that you can take to minimize the discomfort that comes with all this overindulging: Treat yourself to a digestif after the day’s gluttony is over and done with.

The New York Times just ran a story on the benefits of Italian amaro. And while I enjoy them, nothing, for me, works quite as well as a nice glass of grappa, Cognac, or Armagnac. For soothing overworked stomachs and laying the groundwork for a better next morning than you otherwise would have had, they just can’t be beat.

Unfortunately, I failed to follow my own advice last night, and feel a bit sluggish this morning. If only I’d come home from dinner and poured a glass of Cognac, my Friday might feel less like a Monday than it does right now.

To compensate, I wandered around the Internet and found this excellent video on Cognac that ran on last year. It’s long (about 17 minutes), but provides a very good overview of Cognac and its uses in cooking, cocktails, and on its own. It’s too early in the day to indulge in a glass, but tonight, I think, I’ll treat myself. After last night, I'm pretty sure I deserve it.

The Art of Blending from GrapeVisions on Vimeo.


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