Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gaja 2009 Harvest Report

There are few wines that I enjoy and admire more than Angelo Gaja’s. They are, year after year, among the most well-crafted, evocative, downright delicious produced in the world of wine.

Yesterday, I received in the mail the 2009 harvest report for Gaja Family Wine Estates, and the news is good. The report begins: “We are very pleased with the quality of the grapes from all three of our properties in 2009 and rate them very good to excellent. Though always reluctant to predict the quality of the wines this early, we are quite optimistic about this vintage.”

This is great news for fans of the wines that Gaja produces in Piedmont (under his eponymous label), Montalcino (Pieve Santa Restituta) and Bolgheri (Ca’ Marcanda). And though it will be a while until the 09’s are available, legends like the 2005 Costa Russi and the excellent 2002 Ca’ Marcanda Magari will certainly make the wait a bit easier.

Two years ago, I had the chance to visit Mr. Gaja in Barbaresco, taste his wines and then enjoy a spectacular dinner with him afterward. I wrote about the experience and the wines for John Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet; the article is linked up here.

And for more information, click here for an excellent interview with Gaia Gaja, Angelo’s daughter, that ran on Grape Radio in July of 2007.


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