Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Magic Bullet?

Wine is healthy for you. That, at least, is the overwhelming consensus: Study after study has found that, when consumed responsibly and in moderation, wine—especially red—possesses seemingly infinite health benefits.

The question on everyone’s mind these days, though, is whether resveratrol, the much-lauded compound that has attained ‘magic-bullet’ status of late, is capable of working its supposed magic when consumed as a supplement.

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a fascinating story on the quest to capitalize on resveratrol’s sudden upsurge in popularity, and the conclusion, for now, at least, is that at best it’s just too early to tell, and at worst it could actually be harmful.

Lots of questions loom right now, and whether or not taking resveratrol supplements turns out to be a boon or detriment to your health, one thing is certain: It’s a heck of a lot safer, and infinitely more pleasurable, to enjoy the tried-and-true health benefits of wine the way they always have been: From a glass, with a nice meal, and hopefully shared with friends and family.

No one can argue with medicine like that.


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