Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Reading

The lazy days of summer are upon us: Sunny days, warm nights, and plenty of time to enjoy a good bottle or two. So why not delve into some interesting wine reading while you're sipping away? Here, then, are some recent highlight dispatches from the world of wine:

In a recent article on, Mike Steinberger puts forth the argument that, “Though these are grim days for the French wine industry…France is still the wine world’s beacon and will surely remain so long into the future.” His arguments are well-thought-out and provocative enough to really make you think, even if you disagree. Click here for the link.

And recently posted an interview with renowned wine writer Hugh Johnson. There’s no video, but the audio is fascinating: He holds nothing back, and when a man of his caliber and experience speaks, regardless of whether or not you agree with everything he says, it’s worth a listen. The audio is available here. Just scroll down for the interview.

Finally, click here for a fascinating look at the Cabernet Sauvignons of Chile’s Maipo Valley. Even now, with the wild popularity of all wines South American, its geography and climate are little understood by most wine-lovers. This is a good place to start for a better understanding of one of the most exciting places for wine in the New World.

There’s plenty here to read. Best to open a bottle of something nice before settling in for your homework…


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